Plug for Ridwell

@ggggarret expressed concern about Styrofoam to go containers. If, like us, you would like a better way to recycle / reuse those types of products I highly recommend Ridwell. We have used them for some time and they pickup in Zilker. Everything from plastic film, to multi layer plastics, to batteries, to clothing, to Styrofoam. Great service to do a little more in helping to reduce waste.

You can take all that to the recycle center for FREE!!

the benefit of ridwell is they come to you. there are also weeks where they pick up special items. if we have a big load of problematic items we will go to the city facility. do they still require an appointment?

yes, but my hubby went at the wrong time and they were fine with the drop off.

Yeah it’s primarily convenience, but I applaud you for taking your stuff to the recycling center! Ridwell also sells products made with the materials. And they take some things the recycling center doesn’t like multi layer plastics - think dog food bags.

I take all my other stuff to the recycling center, but they don’t take silver lined snack wrappers. I’ve been collecting them, just to see how many we use, and have amassed a plastic grocery bag full - - all the Halloween candy helped too. Anyways, if Ridwell is going to do a special pick up for the silver lined wrappers, and if someone doesn’t mind adding mine to your collection, please let me know.


We also use Ridwell… I cant remember the cost off hand but it was reasonable.

I just hope they do what they say :slight_smile: definitely makes you feel a bit better if you cant avoid the plastics.

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@joanieg5 I think you have to subscribe :wink: It’s not too much. Ridwell maybe worth it over going to the center depending what your time is worth.

I use Ridwell and would be happy to take the wrappers you saved and add them to my bag. Feel free to drop them off on my porch at 1506 Hether St. Also, if anyone is interested in trying Ridwell, send me your email and I can get you a month free.

here’s the info:

starts at $14/month

happy to help neighbors get rid of stuff especially once we start collecting styrofoam again.