Flavia! New food trailer at Collier and South Lamar

Well first, I’d like to introduce you to a new category: Zilker Rocks! There is a lot of debate on here about the future or Zilker and sometimes mind numbing back and forth debate. So this category is meant to be much more positive around all the things that we love about living in Zilker! So share away some of your favorite stuff… I’m going to kick it off with a new food trailer that opened at Collier and South Lamar in the Snooze parking lot area where Picnik used to be: Flavia!

Flavia used to be on South First and Oltorf area and had a great reputation - though I never made it over there. Since it moved I’ve been there three times in a little over a week. It is quite simply delicious. And some really approachable prices for the area.

Some highlights, first time I went, I kicked it off with the spicy Chicken Tinga Tostada:

While maybe not much to look at, the tostada shells were thicker and crispy (held it together to eat with your hand) and delcious. The chicken tinga was excellent and all the toppings were fresh. Highly recommend it!

Next time I got the green enchiladas. I didn’t snap a photo, but you get a decent portion with three chicken enchiladas in a lovely verde sauce with refried black beans and Mexican rice.

Finally today I had to go for a signature favorite. Chilaquiles. My only complaint was I forgot to specify eggs over medium and they came scrambled by default. But other than that a most excellent representation of this classic.

Stop in and give it a try!

I went by this afternoon and really enjoyed it. The standout was the chicken flautas. All the tortilla chips and tostadas are made in house, which is nice. Their green sauce (similar to the taco deli doña) was tasty and spicy with a nice garlic hit. The black beans are delicious.

The al pastor was closer to a spicy pork stew, but that could be because the Michoacan style? It was still quite tasty, just not my preferred version.

The prices can’t be beat and I’m exciting to go back and try some other dishes.

Looks tasty, thanks for sharing!

Love this, we all need some positive hood news!

looks delish. i wonder if they could be convinced to switch to paper vs styrofoam. we eat in at papalote just to avoid their styrofoam containers.

Yup. I agree. Compostable to go containers ftw.