Category Topics

Urgent Notifications

This category is for anything that is time sensitive that needs to get out to the list urgently. This may be a lost pet, or a suspicious person in the neighborhood, or car break ins, or coyote sitings. Anything that neighbors would need to know about now and not later.

BST (Buy Sell Trade)

This is a category for people to post items for which they’d like to Buy, Sell, or Trade. Basically this is the marketplace

Proposed FoZ Positions

This category is for proposed position votes put to the Friends of Zilker membership. If you would like to propose a vote, start a new topic with an informative subject and ballot language in the body. The community members can make suggestions on the language and once refined if a board member sponsors it, then it will go for a vote.


This category is for official Friends of Zilker announcements. Only Friends of Zilker board members can post to this category. You can “watch” only this category if you only want to be notified of announcements and nothing else from this discussion platform.


This category is for general and fun discussion about raising a family in the Zilker neighborhood.


This category is meant to contain discussions about the operations of Friends of Zilker. Any operational - not positions - discussion should occur here.