Austin road quality after "repaving"

Over the past couple years many decent roads were repaved with what is essentially chip seal standards. In our area the roads are louder to drive on, rougher for cycling, and just about impossible to skateboard over.

Luckily the majority of the tar has settled, but in addition to the coarseness there are still arbitrary gravel piles all around town. In the Zilker neighborhood these roads were better prior to the repaving.

So, how did this happen? It seems like a huge waste of money and resources, while also negatively impacting our streets.

Yeah 100% agree. I’ve and others have posted about it before. It’s absolutely horrible especially in the bike lane!

Gravel road resurfacing damaging automobile sensors?

Fresh Gravel Rant

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It went down 2 summers ago. The reason given by the workers was they had money in budget and had to spend it or lose it… so instead of just saving it or fixing one or two roads really well…they did them all with a cheap fix.

We definitely went backwards on it- not even who to voice complaint with outside of 311.

But agree…the slick roads (although dangerous to cars for about 20 minutes after a rain) were way more fun. We barely skateboard in hood anymore- take our gear to housepark.

Bummer for sure. Wish I knew more- i spent a year complaining to city as ford street was caked w loose gravel…as was the interior of our home…all of our shoes.

Now that would have been nice if the nimbys got together and asked more questions! :wink:

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan

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They’re busy “saving zilker” or making sure you can’t put more than two houses on your property. Sorry - couldn’t resist!

I agree with all here. I thought I was the only one who feels it was a big waste. Crazy how much of this stuff gets in my house.