Who is shaking the jar?

The saying goes…

If you put 100 black ants and 100 red ants in a jar, nothing will happen. But when you shake the jar, ants will start killing each other.

Red ants will think the black ants are the enemy, while black ants believe vise versa. But the real enemy is the one who shook the jar.

The same is true in our community.

Before we start fighting each other, we must first ask ourselves: who shook the jar?

As we enter this historic vote on HOME tomorrow let’s remember the people making the outlandish claims, not taking the time to understand what is actually on the table, saying things like “if we let them get away with this what will they do next?,” are all shaking the jar.

Agree or disagree with what is in the Phase I of HOME before council tomorrow, just don’t get all shook up now!