What to do with that leftover candy?

Crosspost from Yahoo Group list:

As we all know, this is a different year! But, if you happen to have any leftover Halloween candy (hopefully, from any covid-safe activities), we would love it for our Mobile Loaves and Fishes (MLF) truck runs!

Even during covid, we are still preparing food bags (masked and social distancing). These bags include sandwiches, fruit, chips, juice, water bags for our homeless and/or lower socio-economic friends and we like to include a few pieces of candy in each as a treat. You have probably seen the big silver trucks-- that’s us! See mlf.org for more MLF info.


i know you are crossposting- but we took out 8 kids… and the bounty is big. Where is a good place to drop off?

Thanks I think I forgot the last part!

“ I will have a lime green bucket on my front porch Sunday-Wednesday for you to just drop your candy in. My address: 1910 Goodrich Ave.”

You can also drop off at their hq:

Donate at St. John Neumann, 903 S. Capital of Texas Highway.