What is Zilker List?

This is a discussion forum and email list for the Zilker neighborhood in Austin, TX. The mission is to be a non-commercial, non-biased place for civil discourse about the Zilker neighborhood and the challenges therein both ordinary and extraordinary due to the nonstop growth of Austin as a city. There are other neighborhood discussion groups but I found them to either be monetizing the participation or heavily influenced by the opinion of the person running the list.

It is an ongoing challenge to create a space and a voice for all while also not succumbing to trolls and hateful speech. I have chosen Discourse as a platform that promotes civility and open discussion. But the responsibility also falls on all of us to utilize community moderation and maintain a sense of civility even if we adamantly disagree with something that is posted.

This discussion forum is run and maintained by myself, JP Maxwell, personally as a contribution to the amazing Zilker neighborhood. We also host - as a private sub group - the Friends of Zilker neighborhood association forum. However, the general discussion here is meant as an open non-biased discussion by all residents and people who have an interest in the Zilker neighborhood.

This software gives each user a great deal of control over how they are notified by and interact with this discussion group. I encourage you to get familiar with the software and be engaged. Any suggestions you might have to make this a better place, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you and enjoy!