Walking Tour of Zilker - Social

There has been some talk of a walking tour of Zilker as a friends of Zilker social. @mary.s.owens had suggested we could identify some houses of interest and have a bit of a progressive social to check them out and hear about their interesting history. I’d suggest meeting at Witchcraft with some coolers, get a selection of delicious beverages, and hit the streets. (after all walking on the streets without sidewalks is supposedly part of our neighborhood character!)

And in case you’re interested here is a map where public consumption of Alcohol is prohibited - Zilker isn’t included so we should be fine to walk, talk, and have a tasty adult beverage at the same time.

If we’d like to make this happen we can use this topic to suggest addresses, map a route, and suggest dates.

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Sounds like a lot of fun.


Enjoy your adult beverage but be aware that parts of Zilker are in the areas where Alcohol is prohibited, That is east of South Lamar from the river to Oltorf and north of Barton Springs Road.



Buzz Killington.

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Yes, my husband and I love this idea!

Hah @jjack2 crossing south Lamar would be more hazardous than a possible violation!


You are right that crossing South Lamar is hazardous but my previous comment was just to inform you of the fact that your statement that there were no areas in Zilker that had prohibitions on walking and drinking was incorrect and that there are some areas of the Zilker neighborhood that have prohibitions of open consumption of “adult beverages” already. It was just and FYI since you obviously did not know where the Zilker boundaries are. And before you make another assumption, NO I am not aware of ZNA having anything to do with establishing these areas, they came about due to city wide safety concerns where there are a lot of alcohol sales and the proximity to transient camps ( the railroad track area and the West Bouldin Creek green belt).



@jjack2 so that’s why I linked to the map in my original post… I also never insinuated that ZNA had anything to do with any of this. I’m simply trying to plan a fun walking tour of the neighborhood to admire some of the original structures, new structures, and the unique history of our very interesting 'hood. Not sure why you have to be negative.

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I have always been interested in the Goodrich Church and cemetery. I would like to add that as a point of interest. Would like to learn more. Also the historical home on Lindscomb with the purple martin houses is definitely part of the character of Zilker. Thanks JP.

Don’t miss this one - and you can bid on it too:

Looks like the Gentry of Zilker couldn’t compete. Pretty cheap really at only $4.3 million and it includes commercial property:

Seems like a stand up guy.

Paul also made headlines when he was sued in recent years, once by an investor and once by former employees of a rooftop club he owns in downtown Austin, who said they were cheated out of their tips. Both lawsuits were settled out of court