Those were the days

Oh the insult to the crown jewel of Austin by just setting up a random tent in the middle of the only area that’s available for families to play and have fun! Remember when we didn’t have any trees on the non-existent Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail? That’s when Austin was great. I miss that brown grass too.

The grass is brown bc the picture was taken during winter after some freezes. There was a trail running the shore and we were able to easily park on riverside to enjoy. We had to drive there in those days bc even then living in the central area was expensive.

“Expensive” when you could buy a house in zilker for under $100k and a good salary was $50k.

If 50k was a good salary, you weren’t buying the 100k fixer upper. By comparison, far west, allendale, etc. or the “dirty south”. South of oltorf and further south. It was expensive. Inflation has just made it seem like it wasn’t. Today is certainly more unaffordable in percentage terms to those areas

I can only speak from experience. I bought my first house for $125k in 1999 next to bluebonnet market. It was a duplex and I rented one side out to afford the mortgage. It wasn’t a fixer upper per se. In good condition. With an ADU in the back yard to boot and on a quarter acre of land. So yeah I’d say much more affordable and realistic to buy with a normal salary than the million dollar plus property available today.