Temporary bike lanes coming to Congress Ave


Austin, Texas - Austin Transportation will install temporary protected bicycle lanes on Congress Avenue from Riverside Drive to 11th Street to improve safety and to address COVID19 risk-based guidelines to ensure enough physical distance for all people using the Avenue and the Ann Richards Bridge. Per Austin City Council Resolution 20200611-051, the temporary protected bicycle lanes are planned to be installed on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

What will it look like?
Cones will be used to define the protected bike lane space in the outside general travel lanes of Congress Avenue. Existing parking and local business and residence access will not be affected by the cones. The installation is also compatible with the Shop the Block initiative which repurposes space for physically distanced outdoor seating, queuing and retail.

How long will it be in place?
The temporary protected bicycle lanes are expected to be in place as long as necessary to offer a safer and more comfortable space for people to maintain physical distancing guidelines. City Council also directed that the City consider how to transition this temporary measure to a more permanent installation when distancing is no longer needed.

How does this relate to the ‘Our Congress Avenue’ Urban Design Initiative?
Congress Avenue is considered the “Main Street of Texas” with leading views toward the Texas State Capitol, historic architecture and direct connections to both the natural and urban spaces of Austin. The Congress Avenue Urban Design Initiative envisions Congress Avenue as a more human-centric, multi-functional complete street with a clear and attractive identity.

The temporary protected bicycle lanes and the opportunity to transition to a more permanent installation is envisioned as part of the Congress Avenue Urban Design Initiative and is a significant step toward the vision’s implementation and improving safety and mobility for everyone on the Avenue.

For more information visit the Congress Avenue project website or email Susanne Harm at susanne.harm@austintexas.gov.

In collaboration with area partners, Austin Transportation Department leads our community’s Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries on Austin streets, the achievement of a 50/50 commute type split by 2039 as established in the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, and actively seeks innovative solutions and piloting technology that can decrease the use of single-occupancy vehicles and improve safety through Austin Transportation Department’s Smart Mobility Office. For details, please visit AustinTexas.gov/Transportation.

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Would have served us well this past weekend biking down the sidewalks of Congress with the kids! Too bad it doesn’t extend past riverside and up South Congress - a fun ride that would be!

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