Speaking of the African American cemetary on Goodrich

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I wonder what these folks would think of the current neighborhood character?

Or how they would feel about the apartment building to the right of it that was built on part of the cemetery.

i imagine they would be fine with people respectfully visiting the site. if i had family buried there i would probably not appreciate people letting their dogs crap and piss on the gravesites of those relatives. aside from that, i would 100% be in support of and participate in an effort to maintain and restore the property. maybe reach out and see if a restored space could be utilized as a community meeting spot or whatever.

Honest question. Are animals banned from other city cemeteries? What about the non pets, squirrels etc, crapping and pissing on the graves?? Or are the bodies simply dust to dust and the bio material all merged together to provide fertile soil for trees and grass?

Im with ya on this one.

Nature gonna nature and humans need to back up.

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan

i think you’re going a little off the deep end with the squirrels and birds. it is private property and there is a fence around it so i assume that means something… but what!!! maybe i was raised in a strange land but i was told that cemeteries are somewhat private and possibly personal. leaving multiple cans full of dog turds in plastic bags on someone else’s property could also be considered rude. it wasn’t like anyone was actually getting rid of the turd and they were also all over.

so… if you’d like to turn it into another off leash dog park then i support you getting permission from the owners. just a thought.

You clearly know much more about the history here than I do. Was just simply making a point that respect is respect regardless and it seems like you are a bit obsessed with the animal part of it all.

i know about as much as the article you shared and what they posted on the church facebook page. aside from that i walked there and deduced the rest based on what i saw.

what is respect? what is it based on and how is it expressed?

“due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.”

based on the definition and what has been observed…

i am no more obsessed with dogs than dog owners are obsessed with forcing their pets on others in ways that could be described as disrespectful. playgrounds, grocery stores, cemeteries, barton springs pool… all places where people push the limits of dog privilege and entitlement into the realm of disrespect for others. how is pointing that out obsessed? it is the literal definition of disrespect for others.

that being said…
i’d love to see the church property utilized legally for civic purposes including an off leash dog park; with permission from the owners. maybe an effort to contact them and ask for permission is all that is necessary? they might welcome the traffic!