South Lamar Improvements Virtual Open House

The City of Austin completed an environmental analysis to understand the potential impacts of proposed mobility, safety and connectivity improvements for the South Lamar Boulevard corridor:

My initial thoughts I submitted to the city “Overall I am excited for these improvements and am supportive of all the details that have been shown. It may not be feasible but aligning the Mary/ Heather intersection on the east side of Lamar (obtaining ROW where the ATM is) would help visibility and functionality. Also I would like to see less curb cuts and median cuts along the corridor but I know that may not be possible.”

They are proposing a traffic light at Evergreen / Collier and South Lamar. In addition to your suggestions, I think this will do wonders to help the Mary / Hether situation. I would also love to see that as a bike corridor connecting Bouldin and Zilker. There was also talk - previously - of a pedestrian crossing at Gibson over the rail road tracks, but I didn’t see that mentioned here. May be a different mobility project.