South Lamar Corridor Plan

The Friends of Zilker received the below from the city regarding the South Lamar Corridor redevelopment. I think Friends of Zilker should take an official position on this that our members have the opportunity to vote on. Ballot items can be suggested. Thoughts can be shared. Then we will put together a vote.

Referenced South Lamar Corridor Plan


As you may have heard, the City of Austin is proposing to fund hundreds of millions of dollars worth of much-needed safety, mobility and connectivity improvements on nine key corridors, including South Lamar Boulevard, as part of the 2016 Mobility Bond. I wanted to reach out to you personally to make sure you were aware of the proposal.

I am attaching the recommendations for what City staff is proposing to design and construct on South Lamar Boulevard. You may find the recommendations for the other corridors at At that site, we have an FAQ, an interactive map, and more information about how the proposal was developed.

The improvements proposed for design and construction on South Lamar Boulevard came from the South Lamar Corridor Mobility Plan, which was developed with help from the community. Some of the improvements recommended for South Lamar Boulevard include traffic signal improvements, intersection improvements, pavement rehabilitation, new or rehabilitated sidewalks, new or improved dedicated bicycle lanes, intermittent median islands, and midblock pedestrian crosswalks.

Additionally, the City will begin design on enhanced elements between Panther Trail and US 290 (approximately one-half mile in length). Features in that area would include wider sidewalks, protected bicycle lanes, street lighting and enhanced aesthetic treatments. The City will pursue opportunities to fund construction of these improvements, which could come from the 2016 Mobility Bond, future bond funding, grants, partnerships, or private investment.

We anticipate the Austin City Council to consider the Proposed Corridor Construction Program on March 22. I would be happy to answer any questions you or your neighbors may have, so please feel free to respond to this email or give me a call.

Sara Behunek

Communications Manager

Corridor Program Office | City of Austin

(o) 512-974-7840 | (m) 917-375-1498

My thoughts:

Intersection improvements

What happened to Collier Street? This is by far one of the more dangerous intersections and an increasingly used exit/entrance to the neighborhood. Yet there is no traffic light. I regularly see near misses for major accidents at this intersection.

New roundabouts

When done right I don’t have a problem with roundabouts. The problem with them in Texas is people aren’t used to them. I would, however, take exception to these chosen locations. Especially the one at evergreen / heather. Roundabouts also disrupt bicycle traffic. Also it seems like this may be an artifact from when they were planning a streetlight at Collier as the traffic coming off of Evergreen may have been an increased issue. Still this seems to take one of the few semi-safe bike routes and destroy it.

New bicyclist and pedestrian railroad crossing at Treadwell St

Does this mean you’ll be able to get over to Dawson Rd on bike / foot? If so - that’s awesome. Go high road! :sunny: