SOS/ BSU / Zilker Park Discussion - tomorrow 9/19

SOS is hosting Barton Springs University tomorrow at Barton Springs Pool.

Schedule of events:

2:00 PM - The Campaign to Rewild Zilker Park: What We Learned… So Far

Tanya Payne & Robin Rather break down what really happened leading up to the shelving of the Zilker Park Vision Plan and present a a progressive alternative vision in the works. “Rewilding” is gaining popularity in urban park spaces globally. Hear more about using natural processes to repair damaged ecosystems and encourage a deeper connection between people and nature.

3:00 PM - Austin’s Climate Equity Plan

Acclaimed journalist, Alberta Phillips, and Lauren Ross of Glenrose Engineering will be speaking about Austin’s Climate Equity Plan which Phillips helped create. Join tenured community activists at the helm of making real changes towards a greener future here in Austin.

4:00 PM - Park Pulse: An Urgent Community Dialogue

Take part in a Community Dialogue regarding the future of Zilker Park and what a more sustainable and equitable parkland in our treasured city could really look like. This discussion will be moderated by Austin Environmentalist, Robin Rather, and additional questions will be fielded by a panel including Ana Aguirre of GAVA and Austin Neighborhoods Council, Ben Thompson, an Environmental Attorney, Sarah Faust a former Parks Board Member & Environmental Consultant, and Tanya Payne of Rewild Zilker. We will all take a plunge in Barton Springs to cool off after and entry is free of charge.

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