Some interesting numbers from ABOR

Households earning between 31% - 60% MFI (between $35,051 - $70,080 annually) in District 5 have the greatest need for new housing due to an estimated 23.4% undersupply of housing (a shortage of 14,051 homes).

Breaking the data down by race and ethnic groups, with an estimated 30.4% undersupply of housing, Black/African American 4-person households earning between 31-60% MFI (between $35,051 and $70,080 annually) have the greatest proportional need for new housing to meet the estimated 753 shortage of homes.

District 5 has a sufficient oversupply of homes affordable to 4-person households earning more than 80% MFI (annual income of $93,451 or more) – this equates to a home price of nearly $295,000 or greater