Skyscraper watch

For those of you who love our ever changing skyline…looks like we should have at least 10 more in the works…buildings like the ones below.

5th Brazos

305 W 5th (5th and Lavaca)

Block 71

Block 185
can’t wait to the see the renderings on this…should be a knock out

the Republic
WOW! This will certainly be the center of most pics of Austin for…well who knows.

6X Guadalupe
Austin’s newest tallest…

Wow indeed! Those look incredible!

In a similar vein, I look forward to pursuing a goal of taller, much more ambitious development along our existing VMU corridors, including S. Lamar. Now that CodeNEXT is off the table and we’re starting the code rewrite from scratch, I think it’s clear at this stage that the current 60-foot height limit has proven nowhere near sufficient in terms of increasing the inner-city’s density levels, particularly absent anything but negligible density changes inside our core neighborhoods.

While building 50-story towers might be a bit much, mid-rise towers certainly wouldn’t be – and by that I mean the middle of 50, e.g. 22-25 story buildings along arterial roads. Can’t wait to get cracking on it!