Proposal: Little Zilker Park Improvement Plan, Step 1

The process for making any improvements to any parks in Austin involves first submitting a proposal through the CAPP (community activated park project) online form. Here is the FAQ:

A group of neighbors will be submitting a proposal by the end of January asking for Little Zilker Park to be considered for major repairs and improvements through this program. The specific details of the plan are contingent on what the City allows and what community input is gathered. The goal is to improve and repair existing features to make them more usable so as to serve the growing number of residents using this park while also improving stormwater controls and increasing the tree canopy.

The proposal to be voted on is:
We propose that Friends of Zilker support the effort by neighbors to submit a proposal through the City’s CAPP form with the goal of making repairs and improvements to Little Zilker Park so as to serve the growing Zilker community.

Thanks @ggggarret - we usually leave it open for a few days to see if anyone has any questions. Then I’ll put it up for a vote. This is a pretty simple and generic proposal - I doubt anyone would oppose improvements to little zilker park - usually it is helpful to be more specific about what you’re trying to get done in that way FOZ can say we support (or not) these specific improvements.

i understand and agree about the details but they are dependent on what the city says. generically think about any existing amenity in the park and how it could be repaired or improved and that is basically the start of the conversation. here are ideas:

  • the toddler playset is old and rusty and could maybe use a sun shade
  • some of the white playset parts are missing and the sun shade cable is looking busted
  • the courts could use new striping and possibly formalize the pickleball lines
  • more benches and picnic tables anywhere?
  • split rail fencing along bluebonnet and ann arbor? maybe remove that random section of split rail fence?
  • flatten the sports field so it is not an ankle twisting danger
  • add benches or small bleachers to the backstop?
  • stormwater detention berms along the holland edge to slow water
  • more trees along the school fence?
  • deal with erosion of the track by the playground and around the edge of the playground by the library
  • etc…

if the goal is to push for density in zilker then the reality is more people using this space more often and the maintenance and amenities need to keep pace with that demand.

Im for all of that- especially flattening the sports field!! YES!

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan

@ggggarret so it doesn’t really matter too much what the city will and won’t do. The point of having an adopted position is you can reference it. The Friends of Zilker neighborhood association voted to approve supporting the following improvements to Little Zilker Park. You could even put in as part of the position that we feel some of the event revenue donated to PARD should be used for said improvements since we’re the neighborhood most impacted and the use of little zilker park is even more important during times big Zilker is closed to the public. Something like that.

is that an amendment or a fresh proposition? there is a capp faq

@ggggarret just suggestions - it’s your show.

@ggggarret given the feedback if you have a position you’d like me to put up for a vote, let me know.

while i do agree with you on the idea to secure funding from the acl fest grant program, i don’t want to be that specific with the resolution in case there are other funding mechanisms that become available. the goal is to get it funded in some way and to some amount so as to make tangible improvements to our neighborhood park. i’m happy with the resolution the way it is unless you are making a formal friendly amendment to be considered.