Poop in the dog water bowl at little zilker

Is this some ultimate passive aggressive move against people who don’t pickup their dogs poop? Whatever it is please stop. Us responsible owners who pickup the poop would love our dogs to be able to drink uncontaminated water at the park.

Feel free to share this on the other neighborhood lists.

Well it seems as though Garret has fessed up… this seems harmful to dogs I wonder if this action can be reported somewhere?


A friend last night said this guy is like a male Karen. So this morning I found this funny. Also Loraine shut down the thread. I guess a little too edgy for their list.

Cleaned the bowl. FYI.

Also this guy squished poop under the bowl. Got that too.

Garret does have a point, even if he made it in a gross type of way. Any idea who’s not cleaning up their dog poop at the park? (And why do I suspect some of the guilty parties might be senior honchos on that other list? That’d explain why it got shut down!)

I have no idea and I pickup my dogs shit and others as well… but the point here is no. do not put dog shit in drinking bowls.