Parking on Azie Morton Road

FYI - this was posted on the Zilker Yahoo group regarding on-street parking across from Barton Springs. Sounds like new “No Parking” signs will be going up this week. If you do see a car parked there or in the bike lane, its a good idea to call 311 or use the City of Austin 311 app:


From: “‘David Piper Art’ [zilker]”
Subject: RE: [zilker] Azie Morton parking
Date: June 2, 2018 at 7:40:16 PM CDT
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Below is an email from the Austin Transportation Dept to various people with the City, Barton Hills Neighborhood Association (BHNA), and the ZNA. It is in response to numerous requests and correspondence by the BHNA and the ZNA for something to be done about the parking situation. Hopefully the City’s plan will help, but a comprehensive parking study needs to be conducted for the whole park, especially in light of the proposed “Stratford Road Development Project” which would convert 7 acres of parkland east of Mopac Bridge into a parking lot. Also there is the issue of parking on the so-called “polo fields” across Barton Springs Road from the Botanical Garden.

Dave Piper

President, ZNA

From: Altamirano, Leslie []
Sent: Friday, June 1, 2018 3:01 PM
To: Hargrove, Frances; Mark Gentle; Maurer, Jason
Cc: Melissa Hawthorne; Russell, James;; Tiemann, Donna; Redfern, Jason; Al-Hajeri, Joseph; Bollich, Eric
Subject: RE: Special Event Permit Parking; Illegal Parking on Barton Springs Pool south entrance area


After reviewing Regulations for No Parking At Any Time on Azie Morton Rd. I confirmed that signs should be up for both west and east side curb from Barton Springs Rd. to 50’ south of Barton Hills Dr. I visited Azie Morton Rd. this morning but with utility work in the area disrupting the traffic flow it was not safe for me to walk on the edge of the road. I will go back again on Monday to spot locations for new/missing signs, 811 locate for utilities might take 2-3 business and then I will submit work orders for our Sign crews.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions.

Leslie Altamirano

Austin Transportation Department
Traffic Engineering Division
PH. 512-974-7990