New food in the 04

Some great new places coming soon to South Lamar / BSR:

Uncle Nicky’s (next to Loro)

Zoé Tong (Old Austin Eastsiders)

And now open:
El Raval (formerly Barlata)

Elementary (next to Super Thai)

Excited to hear what folks think about these!

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I am pumped for Zoe Tong and Uncle Nicky’s!!

There is also HopScotch - Elementary’s wine bar - that just opened. Looks nice. Craft cocktails and Biodynamic natural wines.

@jimmy Those are the two I’m most excited about too–finally some ‘classic’ Italian.

Not to discount all of the other convo bc its good info. Thank you.

But this… this is the news I need! Thanks Felicity

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan

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A bit more far afield, but if you haven’t been over to Kelly’s Irish and you enjoy the Irish fare including some excellent fish and chips as well as the best pour in the city - do yourself a favor an stop by.