Little Zilker Park improvements

i am submitting a proposal to the city for major improvements to little zilker park. the first question is about what organizations support such an effort. what is the process for having FoZ vote to support something of this nature? i will be requesting support from ZNA and the ZPTA also. the initial submission is a feasibility study by the city before any real details can be proposed to APF. nothing will happen until we get approval from APF at which point they assign a designer to begin ironing out a formal plan.

Nice G!

Good luck man and let us know how we can help out.

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan

i’m meeting with zna tonight and the pta on thursday to vote on initial support for park improvements. would be great to have foz also showing support but i am not sure what the official voting process is. i did just get a foz request to vote on support for i35 so i assume it is just simply sending it out.


I don’t show you as a member of FOZ. Did you ever sign up? If so it’s just a matter of typing your proposed position and then sending it out for a vote.

i recall joining a while back and have been sent and voted on various items like the i35 vote that just went out. either way i just resent the info and am requesting the same show of support whether or not i’m allowed to vote on it.

fyi: no success signing up

The organization can’t support a position unless the members vote and approve it.

@JpMaxMan Would you be able to share instructions on how to sign up? I recall signing up a while back and voting on issues, but I haven’t received anything from FoZ in a while. Do you have to renew membership annually?

@TPerk I show you as a member. There hasn’t been much activity over the past year.

@ggggarret we just moved the domain name - must of broke that email. Will get it fixed.

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ok @ggggarret you can give it another try submitting your membership to

should i be getting these emails if i’m not a voting member?

I think you are… if it goes by amount of emails sent- you and JP should be #1 and #2 voters… and im not going to be the pot here, Mr. Kettle… im just as guilty :slight_smile:

Im down for any improvements to our parks and would certainly vote in the affirmative and also thankful for anyone that has time to spend on progress.

I appreciated all the back and forth with HOME and glad its on its way- lots of great education here.

On this note though- Lets get a vote going! It seems like its the same 7-10 people commenting on here anyway?

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan

I signed up to catch up on the message stream on I live in Barton Hills, not Zilker, as per neighborhood association boundaries. So I don’t know whether you have a neighborhood residency requirement to participate more actively like proposing a position. I did live in Zilker for 13 years and still walk the neighborhood almost daily. I take it FOZ is not affiliated with the Zilker N.A.



@ggggarret this is from FAN ( Friends of Austin Neighborhoods ). FAN is to FOZ as ANC (Austin Neighborhood Council) is to ZNA. I suppose at some point you signed up for the FAN list.

@charlieshuman this list is open to all, so you’re welcome here. To join Friends of Zilker you do have to live in or have a business in the Zilker neighborhood.

thanks, nick, for your continued support.

as of this morning i have secured the support of the ZPTA as well. due to the deadline of the CAPP submission process i will be submitting the forms before the end of the month, with or without a response from FoZ. this does not mean that FoZ will not have another opportunity later to chime in with ideas or vote to support the effort but i assume that the proposal carries more weight if it includes more community organizations from the start.