Kinney Church Dog Park

KInney Church would LOVE to extend an Invitation to our Neighbors and Your Furry Ones to come visit with us for DONUT SATURDAY on SEPTEMBER 30th, 10:00 am, at the Church Dog Park! We will be serving Pastries, Fresh Coffee & Baked Dog Treats! I will be one of the hosts alongside with my faithful sidekick Max :dog2: ~ so we hope to meet you ~ if we haven’t already! Monica :slight_smile: :dog2:



REMINDER! Tomorrow at 10:00 am is DONUT SATURDAY! All are welcome! Bring yourselves, family, friends, and your pooches! We’ll have donuts, pastries, coffee, dog treats & good company!
Kinney Church would love to meet our neighbors & hang out for a bit! We’ll bring our pooches too!
See you tomorrow! :slight_smile: :dog2: :pray:

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Hey everyone! This is happening right now. Just stopped in. Some delicious food. Not just doughnuts but breakfast tacos and a great crew. Stop by and say hello… pups a playing, people a chatting!

i’m very excited to see this community grow and y’all having fun without any reason for conflict. it would be great to see some flyers/signs at little zilker park or maybe some missionary work to convert the non-believers causing the problems at the “all dogs on leash” park. congrats on a successful community event.


I appreciate you saying that. I’ve been meaning to get over to little zilker and put up a sign, but I’ve been busy with work and work travel. I would love to be as all inclusive as possible and certainly a constructive forum helps to reduce conflict - though we will all still have our opinions which may often differ. As I like to say if I’m in a room where everyone agrees with me, I’m in the wrong room. Will probably get around to put up some more signs in the coming week or so. Cheers.


Hello Neighbors! It’s that time again! DONUT SATURDAY AT THE KINNEY AVENUE DOG PARK - SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28TH, 2023 10:00 AM - 11AM. If you’re available, please join us Saturday morning at the dog park for neighborly and dog friendly fellowship! We will have breakfast-y food & dog biscuits to share & coffee. Bring yourselves, friends and family and let’s have some fun! Hope to see you there! Monica (member of Kinney Avenue Baptist Church) :sunny: :slight_smile: :smiley: :dog2:

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Please join us for S’more’s & Hot Cocoa around a firepit on November 18th at 6:00 pm. at the Kinney Avenue Church Dog Park. We look forward to fellowship with our neighbors and their furry ones. All are welcome. We will have dog snacks too! See your there! Monica (member of Kinney Avenue Church)
:smiley: :dog2: :fire: :coffee: :smiley: :heart:

Reminder!! Kinney Church Dog Park Event starts tonight at 6:00 pm. See you there!

S’Mores are happening again tonight at 6. Come on down!

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Such a great night at the KAFC dog park gathering. Thank you for being an amazing part of the neighborhood!