It's My Park Day - Mulch-O-Rama in LZP

this will be the 3rd mulch-o-rama for little zilker park but this time we are focusing on the playscape area as well as the trees in the front of the school. in the last two events we moved 30 cubic yards of mulch and this saturday we aim to move another 20 cubic yards to the big trees and urban orchard of zilker elementary. so far i’ve only ever asked the Sola Crossfit gym to help and they’ve crushed it but this time i’m opening it up to all the dedicated community volunteers around zilker.

you can sign up here: Little Zilker Mulch-O-Rama 3 - It's My Park Day - Fall | Austin Parks Foundation

first 20 get a free tshirt but i pick up materials thursday morning so really you need to sign up asap.

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Will be coaching yee ole baseball team at South Austin but truly appreciate all the volunteers organizing to class the joint up G!

Thank you tons

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan

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done in 3 hours. enjoy the alien mulch circles in the front of zilker elementary.

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