HOME Phase I passes 9 - 2

Very appreciative of all the debate on this forum. Appreciative of all the thought and work. It’s a very small step. Hopefully we can take more toward affordable housing, inclusive zoning, and the complete elimination of single family zoning.

So happy for all the opportunity for existing home owners, the affordability potential for yet to be new home owners, and just generally the city of Austin.

As someone who was born and raised here one thing stuck out to me. It is the idea of what makes Austin, Austin? Or what makes your neighborhood, your neighborhood? It’s the people. Not the buildings. Not the land. The people.

And guess what, the people are being priced out. Right now we are at an influx where there are still people here who bought their home when regular salaried people could buy their home. But that won’t last unless we take action now.

Thank you to council, planning commission, and especially Leslie Poole who changed her mind and saw what needed to happen to keep Austin weird, the same, make it better ← all of it! Cheers!