Hello! I’m new to page!

Hello everybody! I’m a parent to a Zilker Panther and I’m happy to join the community! My daughter is acclimating nicely to the school and we are excited to be part of the community! Happy FriYay everyone! Enchantee and Mucho gusto! Lol
P. S. I hope I entered this in the correct format…

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Hello @KellyMargauxO welcome to this little corner of digital Zilker neighborhood :wink: Our kids went to Becker dual language but we knew several parents / kids at Zilker as well. It’s a great school and a wonderful neighborhood for the kids! When they get older being able to roam around, walk to Lick ice cream, go see a movie at Alamo, swim at Barton Springs, is all just wonderful!

Nice to meet you and we’re slowly trying to build this out with all sorts of useful information for the neighborhood. Cheers - and happy Friday indeed!

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Awesome! Thank you! JpMaxMan!

Welcome! We’re in 5th grade and love Zilker! Principal Pitts is amazing and we have a lot of community support :heart: i wish i knew more parents! Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you just want to say hi! What grade is your little one in?