Farewell irie bean

was headed there on friday and found out it was permanently closed. bummer. it was my fave low key coffee spot. anybody know what happened aside from no business?

Not sure what happened, but “Ladies of the Eighties” is an interesting landlord name. I assume they weren’t getting enough business to pay the rent. Different vibe, but I usually go to Medici or Merit.

ladies of the eighties… i’m intrigued!

“Ladies of the Eighties” is the LP named because the building was originally housed by Ladies who offered Adult Services. I know this because I know the existing ownership. It is a very interesting rich history. They decided to name their partnership that to keep that somewhat amusing history alive. A bit of humor I suppose. :wink: Nevertheless, interesting how times change! I do believe the Tavern on N Lamar also had some ladies of the night housed in the upstairs parlor of what is now the pool room bar and deck. :slight_smile:

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This is awesome info. Ive heard the same about the Tavern.

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan

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t’was a seedy little “strip” mall.

thanks for the background info.

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That is too bad indeed. I loved that place. When they stopped having the Supergreen latte in stock though I’m sorry to say I didn’t go there as much anymore.

I loved their open mics and just a cool vibe.

I’m sorry to hear this news.