Eeyore's - Most here won't like it

Don’t go here:

Glad you took the time to share that :rofl:

It was interesting - I’m not sure what was controversial.

However, what is now a city wide celebration started as a small gathering of English students at the University of Texas at Austin who were playing hooky as a result of their “spring fever” in 1964. They picked the last Friday in April and decided to skip class and go out to East Woods Park for a party. Their excuse? A sad donkey’s birthday, of course.

“These students happened to be studying the works of A.A. Milne, author of the original Winnie the Pooh series at the time,” explains Scott Sexton, a trustee and volunteer of Friends of the Forest Foundation who has been working with the event for up to 23 years. “Somebody mentioned that Eeyore was sad because everybody forgot to throw him a birthday party, so they decided to use that as their excuse for the reason to have the party, and it’s continued for 55 years now with the same tradition.”

I’ve been going to Eeyore’s since I was 2 years old with my hippie parents and that’s how I always understood it started. Is there something people wouldn’t like here?

“Here I made you a sandwich. Have a bite … You won’t like it”

IDK. Too much freedom? Or maybe just a troll for intolerance. I have moods. I also have a great drum. I’ve always loved the drums of Eeyore’s.

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OH wait. I’ve got it! Pease was a Republican. Tada!