BREAKING: Precourt drops Guerrero site, now focusing on McKalla Place

…next to the Domain. Gee, such a perfect locale for a soccer stadium. :angry: Why on earth did they drop Guerrero Park as a locale?? (And no, we don’t need another rehash of the Butler Shores tale.)

They will sell more Skyboxes at this location I bet. Follow the money.

“We continue to believe Major League Soccer can integrate into the heart and soul of the Austin community (isn’t that the Domain?). We’ve heard the concerns about a possible site for a stadium. Soccer is inclusive (like the Domain?) and celebratory, so we want to shift the focus onto the long-term (monetary) benefits of a location that works for everybody (with money).”

And maybe they saw the train tracks running up MOPAC for the masses to use to get there?

I have to admit, from a pure business perspective I can’t argue with the decision. Now they will just need to get the fans to come to the games. M