Bike thief - treadwell & kinney

Live in a small old corner house a few blocks from The Alamo Drafthouse - S. Lamar. I always keep my bikes on my patio for years now. Last night around midnight I heard a noise in my backyard while working at the computer, figured it was just nuts falling from trees. When I went on my patio I noticed my screen door open and the thief used a flower pot I put my cigarette butts into as a prop to hold the screen door open. It’s a heavily modified WING e-bike.

Added items:
-bike rack
-flat handlebar
-white handlebar ends

Not sure if they rode it off without knowing how to turn it on or if they threw it in a truck. But they don’t have the specific key you need to remove the battery or the charging cables for it. Please keep an eye out in case anyone junked it nearby or if they are trying to sell it. I’m more upset to know that someone was so close to my living quarters and stressed about what would have happened if I had walked out at the same time they were there. I DO have security cameras but unfortunately they weren’t armed as I was home at the time and usually have them on when I’m at work. Lesson learned there.

Oh man - I’m so sorry!!! This reminds me I need to afix the airtag to my wife’s bike. Highly recommend doing this, have heard a few people that have recovered their bike that way. I’m out and about the neighborhood regularly and will take a pic if I see a wing bike anywhere.

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I’m sorry that this happened! I will also keep an eye out for the bike. Great idea to afix an Airtag to our bikes!

I had 2 high end race bikes stolen earlier this year. I was able to recover one at a nearby homeless camp with the assistance of APD. I would go scout a few homeless camps (maybe Bouldin creek area) as soon as you can and you might get lucky finding it.

Also bummed for you. This happened to me a couple of years ago at Bouldin Acres. Scary to have it happen on your own porch. Probably small comfort but your homeowners insurance will cover it.

Will be on the look out… bike thieves are the lowest of low… especially when they come on to your property.

I wish we would spend more time discussing how reducing our police budget has impacted the SoLa corridor. I have not seen a patrol car in ages… me and the family actually point them out now when we catch one in the neighborhood!

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan

Please contact 6196300902

The most cryptic message ever on Zilker List. Hope it works!

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