3 of the 4 challenged programs to be voided


I am definitely thankful we are being protected from mechanism to create affordable housing and the ability to put housing in commercial districts.

I mean yuck! Who would want that.

We the taxpayers will no longer be defrauded by our council who keeps trying to create housing and public transit. I for one eagerly appreciate the transfer of our tax dollars to the attorney behind this who I have been assured is not a self serving asshole.

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What a relief. Thank god someone is looking out for us.

When will the city learn that home owners needs are greater than the needs of the citizens?


I cant tell when we are being real vs sarcastic anymore! Lawsuits. We know who wins.

Good news- we are all moving a bit closer in understanding and tone.

JP- thanks for pointing out we do have a chance to give FOZs voice more platform and legitimacy. I just don’t identity w ZNA and its saddens me they have just commandeered the voice of our hood without any due diligence outside their own purview.

Would love for us to continue to move towards unified organized solutions.

Dr. Nicholas Vaughan