Zilker Pets - and more!

Hey all - so I was at the Kinney Ave. dog park the other day and thought it would be cool if people who used the public spaces in the neighborhood for their pets had a way of communicating. Maybe to organize scoop the poop rallies for those bits missed in the park keeping it clean for all, just simply to meetup, to discuss fun activities, or post about lost pets, etc. So enjoy the Zilker Pets category: Zilker Pets - Zilker List also remember there is the Zilker Families category as well: families - Zilker List if you have a group or club in Zilker that would like a category hit me up.

As you maybe can tell, I’m trying to promote this forum a bit. I believe this software, discourse, provides a lot of tools for elevating the best parts of online discussion while mitigating the worst parts. I don’t believe other options have that capability or desire. Plus it is a noncommercial platform simply run by myself who believes in having a better communication tool and the overall betterment of Zilker. Tell a friend or two if you agree - I’ll be putting up some signs around the neighborhood as well.

Have a great week :slight_smile: