Want Bike Lanes and New Sidewalks? Email Today!

FYI - the Austin City Council will be considering a $450 million active transportation bond today (details below). If you would like the opportunity to vote for this bond in November, please consider emailing the Council ASAP!


Here’s what I wrote:
Dear Council Members -
I fully support the proposed $450 million Active Transportation Bond put forward by Council Member Ellis. Please give Austin voters the opportunity to approve $450 million in bonds for active transportation. If approved, this amount would keep our city on track to meet the Bicycle Plan goal of building out 80% of the all-ages-and-abilities network by 2025. It would also provide much needed funding funding for Very High and High Priority sidewalks throughout the city.

Please join Council Members Ellis, Harper-Madison, and Casar, and Mayor Adler in supporting this critical bond and give Austin residents the opportunity to vote for Active Transportation and Safer Streets in November.

Thank you
Felicity Maxwell


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