Update: Goodrich Place

Below is an update provided by L. Atherton regarding the ongoing construction at Goodrich Place. Looks like they are having an official groundbreaking event on 9/19.


Cross Posting from Zilker Yahoo Group
Greetings, Zilker neighbors.

Ann Gass, Director of Strategic Housing Initiatives with the Housing Authority of the City of Austin, has sent ZNA this update on the construction at Goodrich Place (2126 Goodrich), along with an invitation to the groundbreaking ceremony on Sept. 19:

“Please Pardon Our Dust

“Thanks to the support of our neighbors, construction has begun on Pathways at Goodrich Place! Demolition took several weeks to complete and now the site work is poised to begin. We really appreciate your patience with the noise and dust generated by the construction. While there will be phases later in the project that are noisy and dusty, demolition is definitely one of the noisiest and dustiest phases, so we are all glad it is over.

“Many of you have asked where the residents of Goodrich are staying during construction. They’re all settled in apartments throughout Austin. Some opted to stay at other Housing Authority properties and some are staying in privately owned apartments. We look forward to their return to Goodrich next fall!

“We’ll be celebrating the commencement of this project with a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, September 19th at 10am. We would like to extend an invitation to all our neighbors to join us for this event. Please RSVP to Marlene Sanchez at msanchez@apcommunities.com if you are able to join us. Our development and construction team will be attending the event so it will be a good opportunity to meet those individuals and open the lines of communication.

“We are really excited to get this project underway. After the dust has settled, we are confident that the Pathways at Goodrich Place will be a great addition to the Zilker neighborhood!”

This update will be posted on the ZNA web site, along with other contact info and updates from the contractor. Visit www.zilkerneighborhood.org and click on “Development Projects” on the pull-down menu for “Planning and Zoning.”

For any construction project, neighbors are encouraged to communicate concerns to the appropriate authority identified on the site or on the permits, and to remain informed on the project’s progress.

Links available on the ZNA web site include the Site Plan for the 120-unit apartment complex that will replace the existing 40 duplex and fourplex units, and the Environmental Inspection plan, whereby the Inspector will visit the site monthly, and possibly more often, as required.

You can also go to “AB+C”, the permit database online at https://abc.austintexas.gov, and search for more permits by the address, 2126 Goodrich.

Please feel free to pass this info along to your neighbors who are not on this Yahoo group.


L. Atherton

(ZNA VP Communications)