Trail of Light Neighborhood Night

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Hello, Zilker Residents:

The Trail of Lights is providing Zilker residents with free tickets for Neighborhood Night and discounted tickets for the Preview Party at this year’s Trail of Lights!

The following code will allow residents of Zilker to redeem up to 4 free tickets per person for this special preview happening 7:30-9pm on Dec 6th only.

Zilker Neighborhood = zilkerneighbor17

12/6 Neighborhood Night Link:

This same passcode will allow residents of Zilker to purchase discounted 12/8 Night Lights tickets at $25 each. Night Lights Preview Party hours are 7pm-10pm on Dec 8th.
Zilker Neighborhood = zilkerneighbor17

12/8 Preview Party Purchase Link:

If you have questions about Neighborhood Night or the Preview Party, please contact the Trail of Lights at:

Phone: 512-970-8891

Note: These passcodes will be active starting Thursday, November 2nd at 7am. Guests will need to enter their respective password in the “promotional code” box to the right of the purchase page, and then click apply. Once the code is accepted, the box turns green and the page will refresh and reveal your special offer. Then enter the desired amount of tickets next to the special offer, and follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Happy Holidays!

Hi All,

I just went in to reserve our tickets and it would only let me do 1 ticket. I thought that maybe you had to go in and do them one at a time (up to 4 tickets) - After I resereved my 1st ticket, when I went back in it said ‘sold out’ and wouldn’t let me reserve any other tickets. Did that happen to anyone else? And does anyone know how I can get the 3 additional tickets?



on Kinney

I have two little kids and got exactly zero tix. Since it’s already “sold out”. How very disappointing.


I have 1 ticket and if you can find two others you are welcome to my single ticket. Just let me know…

One of our Zilker neighbors on the Yahoo group noticed that the ticket code was valid starting 11/2 at 7am but the code was not shared with residents until 5pm on Friday Nov 3rd.

Since ZNA is the point of contact with Trail of Lights, it was politely requested that they explain the delay in sharing the Zilker code in a public forum. Perhaps if we had the code on Thursday, more tickets would have been available?

Update as of Sat AM:
From: “‘Lorraine Atherton’ [zilker]”
Sent: Saturday, November 4, 2017 9:10 AM
Subject: [zilker] Update: 2017 Trail of Lights - Neighborhood Night and Preview Party

Good morning, Zilker neighbors.
About those Trail of Lights tickets that sold out a few minutes after the codes were posted: James Russell, ZNA’s contact with the Trail of Lights Foundation (and a newly elected ZNA officer), says,

“The same thing happened with Barton Hills…you’d think they were Springsteen tickets! I’ll have our ticketing manager add more comps under the same code. I’ll email you once they’re active.”
So don’t give up on Neighborhood Night just yet.

L. Atherton
ZNA newsletter editor