The ZNA: Political advocacy group?

A concerned friend just forwarded me this email from the editor of the ZNA newsletter. I thought political discussion – and particularly advocacy for a given candidate for office – was verboten over there? Isn’t that why so many FoZ folks were kicked off the newsgroup? :thinking:

Forgot to mention: this is apparently the third message advocating Laura Morrison’s candidacy that Ms. Atherton has distributed to the entire listserv! Wow.

do they have to register as a group? What are the rules?

I think we should ask Kitchen what she thinks.

When I saw one of these invites to one of Laura’s campaign events, I wrote asking if the same would be offered for Mayor Adler since I was sure the ZNA wasn’t backing just one candidate. It was never posted to the group!

You have much more faith in Lorraine Atherton than I do! I still find it endlessly amusing that she claims the listserv isn’t “monitored” in any way – or that politics isn’t an “appropriate” subject for the board – and yet so many posts just magically disappear into the ether. (Or so I hear from my moles on the listserv, since I’m coming up on the two-year anniversary of my banning from the ZNA listserv.)