Take this survey on motorized scooters, bikes

MyStatesman.com: After crash, Austin becomes latest city to grapple with scooter safety.

Austin officials also are working to gauge citywide public opinion on dockless rental bikes and scooters and are urging Austinites to take a survey on the topic. The public can visit the Dockless Mobility Survey online at https://bit.ly/docklessatxsurvey through Aug. 31.

This whole set of questions doesn’t make any sense… For instance, the first question - it’s quite clear to me waht the rules are for parking scooters and bikes, so would I Agree or Disagree with this statement. No matter what the outcome, if you disagree, it reads like you would not be more likely to use dockless mobility. And if you agree, it implies you agree with the premise of the question. That seems very flawed.

funkdified wrote:

Thanks for posting this @funkdified - speaking personally I have loved seeing all these people traverse Zilker using these scooters and e-bikes! It has been a small glimpse into a possible carless future. If we just had a metro running up and down South Lamar! But generally, I’m pro anything that gets people out of their cars.

@jimmy yeah I took the entire survey. It was pretty poorly worded in places and seemed engineered at creating a pro scooter / anti scooter stance instead of collecting useful information on improving the program.

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Austin navigates scooter perils, from broken bones to blocked pathways.