Support Rezoning of 1516 S. Lamar to CS-1

Friends of Zilker Neighborhood Association would like to support the rezoning of 1516 S. Lamar (currently Planet K) to CS-1. This support is based on the following factors:

  1. South Lamar is a high density housing corridor with rapid transit service on the 803 capital metro line.
  2. Cocktail Lounges on high density corridors with good public transit reduces the need for people to drive thus reducing drunk driving.
  3. Putting commercial services in walkable proximity to housing reduces the need for an automobile and thus reduces cost of living in already high priced zones.
  4. Given the heterogeneous nature of this neighborhood with various densities and price points of housing, types of businesses, proximity to jobs, restaurants, supermarkets, public transport, Zilker is already almost a self contained little city within a city. Converting a small boutique retail shop with limited appeal to a higher appeal entertainment venue that would serve more people would serve our local microcosm of Austin best.
  5. We strongly support controls on volume, traffic, occupancy, and compliance to TABC rules as prescribed by building, fire, and city code for the safety and comfort of all residents as is expected from all business that operate in commercial spaces.
  6. In accordance with the South Lamar corridor plan the nearby intersection of Collier and South Lamar is due for significant upgrades with left hand turn signals and pedestrian crossings. This positions this location in a soon to be even higher pedestrian trafficked portion of South Lamar.
  7. With the economic injury caused by the pandemic we should support - in all ways possible - commercial ventures willing to take a risk and breathe life into industries, like the service and live music industry, hit particularly hard.

I second supporting this.

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Seems reasonable to me.

Received this e-mail from Kate Clark a senior planner from the City of Austin Planning and Zoning Department.

Attached is the case report that was posted this morning. Staff is recommending that the applicant rezone a footprint of CS-1, to cover the building and covered patio area. The Applicant disagrees and is requesting to rezone the whole lot.

This case is scheduled for Planning Commission next week, Tuesday, June 23rd, agenda attached. If you would like to register to speak at the meeting, please send the following information to the board liaison at In order to sign up to speak, you must do so by noon on Monday, June 22nd.

  1. Your name;
  2. The item number(s) you wish to speak on;
  3. Whether you are for/against/neutral on the case;
  4. Your physical address; and
  5. The telephone number you will be using to call into the meeting with.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kate Clark, AICP, LEED AP

Senior Planner

City of Austin | Planning and Zoning Department

C14-2020-0049 Planet K South Pop Rezone.pdf (2.1 MB) PC Agenda for June 23rd.pdf (770.7 KB)