Special Event Permit Parking Update

Posted with permission by Austin Transportation:

Hello Neighborhood Special Event Parking Stakeholders,

I wanted to give you a quick update to let you know that the Special Event Permit Parking program is progressing forward. Austin Transportation staff are working on the various components of the program and will be ready to present back to stakeholders in early 2018. I realize that this has been a long and sometimes frustrating process. We needed to take into consideration various community feedback and put together a program that offers some options and provides the safety, access and mobility needed in the neighborhoods when there are large events taking place in close proximity. I have attached some feedback results from the stakeholder meeting in July.

I apologize for the lack of communication since the summer, but did want to let you know that work has been and will continue to take place to get this program off the ground. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Happy holidays to all.


Frances Hargrove

Division Mgr - Austin Transportation Department

Austin Center For Events

505 Barton Springs Road Suite 1070

Austin, Texas 78704


Visit us @ www.Austintexas.gov/Citystage

wow. Thought they got the message that the neighborhood did not want this. By the way, I think the attachment went missing…