Shout out to Bluebonnet Market - heroes of the 'hood

Just wanted to give a public shout out to Bluebonnet market who stayed open through the entirety of the black out to serve the community. What great and upstanding citizens of the neighborhood. Very luck to have them!

I’ve heard rumors their lease is up and the landlord isn’t being great about renegotiating. I’m not sure what can be done, but it would be a shame to lose this gem.

Agreed! They are great folks and we’re working without power to make sure customers got what was on the shelves.

Update! We are currently working to get them some official recognition for all of their efforts last week. If anyone has some good ideas about how we can show them some love (besides shopping there!), let me know. We’re excited to do something nice for them after everything thing they did for us last week!

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Contact CM Kitchen to give them a proclamation. :slight_smile:

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Might seem silly, but what if we just got the neighbors to all gather in the parking lot to give them a round of applause and maybe a gift of some kind.

I’m in!! Let me know when!
Evelise on Arpdale

Love it! I say let’s do ‘all the things’ - maybe start with a parking lot applause while pursuing the proclamation. Maybe video of the applause would be incentive for the proclamation. :slight_smile:

We could really freak them out and go in and buy everything left in the store again :wink:

Ha! Frank might have a heart attack if we do that again!

On a more serious note, we have reached out to Ann Kitchen’s office regarding a proclamation - updates to come. And the community appreciation event idea is fantastic! Logistically, the next step will probably be setting a date and time.

Once we have more info / logistics, I’ll post more details.

Thanks everyone!

I love that idea- thanks for coordinating that Felicity!

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Thanks for organizing “all the things.”


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