Seeking Paid Participants for new Headache and Neck Pain Product

Just the messenger - fill out the survey below if you are interested in participating!

Seeking Paid Participants for new Headache and Neck Pain Product

Do you leave the office at the end of the day feeling tired with head, neck pain? Do you experience tension headaches or migraines? Have you been told by your dentist that your teeth show signs of wear from grinding? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to talk with you.

Ascend Marketing is currently recruiting participants to test a new dental guard that alleviates pain associated with stress/tension and teeth grinding during the day.* The dental guard repositions how you hold your mouth, preventing you from applying tension/stress to your jaws and teeth. and is used with stabilizers that hold the dental guard in place. The stabilizers contain aroma therapy oils that help relax and reduce stress.

Duration of the test is three (3) weeks, during which you will be asked to provide feedback about your overall experience with the product, efficacy, etc.

What you can expect during the test:
Meet at Fibercove, January 19th, 10am-5pm; come in for a 15-min appointment, receive your dental guard and a month supply of the stabilizers
Review instructions for use and care
Answer weekly email surveys regarding your experience

That’s it! For your participation, you will receive the demo bite guard and a month supply of stabilizers and a $100 Amazon gift card.
Yes! Sign me up! Please fill out this survey and we will be in contact if you are selected:

*Many people who grind their teeth during sleep, also grind their teeth during the day. Some people are not aware of their daytime teeth grinding or clenching but are aware of headaches, jaw and neck aches.


Jennifer Lo
Acsend Marketing