Recommended auto repair service (mobile, & safe)

Here’s a recent message from a good friend of ours about her husband’s business. I hope you’ll consider using them—it’ll be safe for you, safe for him and his employee, and good for your car. Thank you.

"… Steve is still very much open for business and able to work safely during this crisis. If you don’t know, he does mobile auto repair, so he comes to the vehicle. (And he’s multiple-ASE-certified, i.e. he’s a car-whisperer wizard.) You can exchange keys from a distance and pay electronically, and he’s taking care to disinfect any interior vehicle surfaces. His income is important to our family, and he has an employee to support too, so if you have car repairs that can be done during this virus shutdown, please reach out to Steve’s Mobile Auto Care. He’ll keep working as long as the parts suppliers are operating.