Re zoning for 2700 S. Lamar (Item 70)

Hi everyone! We have a great opportunity to support more housing on S. Lamar at City Council tomorrow! The case deals with 2700 S. Lamar which the site of the old Goodwill (and adjacent lots). It would permit 450 new rental units (much needed) and 10% of the units will be set aside for low income renters (60% of MFI).

You can see my submission to the Council members below. If you would like to share something similar (or send your own thoughts!), you can email all of the Council Members here: Contact Us Form |

If you want to learn more about the zoning case, you can see the case file here: October 14, 2021 Austin City Council Regular Meeting |

Submitted Comment:
As a long time Zilker resident, I would like to strongly urge all members of Austin City Council to approve this rezoning request. Rental rates in Austin have significantly increased in recent months and we desperately need additional residential units, particularly along one of our key transit corridors. These 450 new residential units are a great redevelopment on S. Lamar and I’m excited that 10% of the units will be for those families at 60% of FMI. The 300 bus, a frequent route that travels from S. Lamar to the east side, stops right in front of the property and less than a quarter of a mile away is a stop for the 803, the MetroRapid route that goes downtown. This is exactly the type of transit rich area where we want to house current residents as well as those who are new to Austin. It is clear that Austin has a housing affordability crisis. Please approve this project so that we can add much needed rental supply and more affordable units in my neighborhood. I’m a Zilker resident and I want more neighbors in my amazing neighborhood!

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