Re: Dark Sky Initiative

I’m replying here to a post on the Zilker Yahoo Group ( Ms. Atherton thought my tone was mocking and moderated me, so I’m afraid to post there now ). As an environmental engineer I wanted to address this. I love the idea of the dark sky initiative and the bright stars on magical nights. I wish more people would keep their lights off so I could kick back on my balcony and breath. But, Kurt Schultz posts:

I’ve noticed that most of the McMonster houses that have replaced the tear-downs in our hood seem to keep all their lights on at night. For example, the giant duplex that replaced the Church of Christ on Bluebonnet has at least 8 lights (on just one half of the duplex!) that stay on all night. Sadly, the newer wealthier crowd that is moving in doesn’t seem to be as environmentally minded as the displaced crowd was.

Those McMonster houses are actually so much more environmentally friendly by miles. Their ( LED! ) lights may shine and they may be annoying. But they are made of modern materials and often have solar panels that make their energy utilization a fraction of a house built 50 years ago. Plus LED lights use almost no energy. So criticize all you want and encourage dark skies, but it doesn’t help to spread false data man!

Peace, love, dark nights, and solar powered days!

Light pollution and light trespass do not benefit from more efficient fixtures, nor does one’s physical safety or security benefit from one’s neighbors avoiding looking at one’s house due to the glaring lights coming off of it. Mocking people who can’t sleep due to unnecessary light trespass is a reasonable cause for moderation in my estimation… misguided endorsement of more efficient methods of light trespass notwithstanding.

Peace, love, and empathy,

Harris Copfield wrote:


I think Harris was agreeing with the assertion that people should turn their lights off. Just disagreeing that the new houses were less environmentally friendly.

Are you talking about me? Who can’t sleep? I was just pointing out that the newer constructions are more environmentally friendly than the older houses. But yes, to be clear, I agree they should turn off those LED lights - even if they don’t use much energy!