Prop J voting tallies by precinct

Thought y’all might find this interesting:

I’m frankly kinda stunned Zilker had among the least support for Prop J anywhere in the city, and my particular precinct (the tiny bit of red you can see in the map at the link) was the lowest of all! It’s probably stating the obvious that the ZNA pulled out all the stops to con … er, convince people to vote for Props J & K as well as Laura Morrison, so I’m honestly surprised they got such a serious shellacking on the subject.

I’m also glad to see CNC’s agitprop failed so dismally in East Austin, which roundly disapproved Prop J by the widest margins in town. (Curiously, those who most supported it were suburbanites who wouldn’t be affected by densification regardless.)

And here are three quotes from CNC head honcho Fred Lewis whining over it:

The Council messed with the language

Nope. The Council only “messed” with the language by not approving the version of it ol’ Fred signed off on. You know, the one that stated inconvenient truths and stuff, like it mandating a three-year waiting period before a new LDC could be approved.

They brought down CodeNEXT to confuse people and then they ran a smear campaign against us and confused people.

Nope – again – but hey, guess who did manage to confuse the hell out of people? All the CNC petitioners who failed to adequately inform voters what they were signing!

The easiest way to defeat a ballot measure is to lie about it.

…and as CNC proved, the easiest way to get an undemocratic ballot measure on there in the first place is to lie about it.


(Kidding.) Anyway, it sucks that Beto lost, but I’m glad to see common sense prevail among our fellow Central and South Austinites.