Paid Sick Leave

Wow! City govt keeps coming up with more creative ways to drive small business from Austin. Like this one, they come out of left field. So long mom & pop private enterprise, unless you have deep pockets or venture capital funding. Maybe those CMs think getting paid for not working works well for them so it should work for others as well. It seems like Troxclair is the only one left who thinks rationally. Oh well, Google, Amazon & Facebook should be fine:

I think there is an idea of continuous improvement and sharing the benefits of improved productivity at play here. I am not certain if this specific action best follows that sentiment but I am glad that many before me pushed for work life improvements so that I have health benefits and weekends off. I can also appreciate it if a truly sick colleague of mine has the opportunity to stay home while contagious with the flu for example rather than infecting all of us. I think mom and pop might also be glad they don’t have to shut down just because their entire workforce calls in sick. I do appreciate that many do not have this built into their business model so some adjustment would be needed. Assuming this is not your first choice in an evolution of the work life as we have enjoyed what is your idea where the legislature might redirect their focus in the spirit of ongoing improvement?

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As a small business owner, I’m fine with this …