Open House for Joseph Kopser who is running for Lamar Smith's seat

From a friend in Barton Hills:

We will be hosting an open house for 78704 to meet the Democrat running for Lamar Smith’s open seat.

Please contact Carole Price at if you want information on this December 14th event in their Barton hills home.

Peach and I will be there. I hear he is an urbanist that is a member of FAN.


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If he’s a member of FAN, it’s not a point in his favor because that means he supports the current 10-1 council structure and he supports gentrification. They won’t let you join FAN unless you support the current 10-1 structure. The gentrification support is inferred.

I first met Joseph Kopser years ago when he was working on innovative transportation solutions in Austin and after running into him on the bus several months ago I got reacquainted with his platform and have since donated to his campaign. He certainly is a real leader and innovator. Also with Lamar Smith stepping down and it being an open race I think a democrat has a better shot in our gerrymandered house district than in a typical year.

What time & we will be there.


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