Missing since Fri, Nov 30: black cat with white whiskers

Posting for a friend whose indoor kitty got outside on Friday, November 30th and has not yet returned home. Have you seen Yume?

Yume (“you-may”)

Near Rabb Rd and Rundell, 78704

Female, spayed, 14 years old
Black fur, white whiskers, yellow eyes, long tail
Not wearing a collar

Photo attached

Please reply with any leads. Thanks in advance.

Have you had any luck finding your cat? I saw this post today and sent it to my sister who lives 4 blocks from that intersection. This was her reply:
Hmm, actually. This kitty might be around. We’ve been seeing a black cat come around recently and our neighbor said a new black cat has been showing up and trying to come inside their house recently. No collar. I’ll investigate and let you know!

Thank you for your note. Yume is still missing. Can your sister contact the number on the flyer? I’m sure the owners would jump at the chance to look for yume in their yard.

Thanks again!

Bump - Yume is still missing.

She could be really anywhere from Kinney to Barton Creek or father if she jumped into a car. I’ve heard of cats who jumped into the back of a truck and ended up miles away as well as cats who befriended their UPS delivery person and went for a ride across town.

Please keep an eye out for a new black cat in your area. She doesn’t know how to get home. She’s an indoor cat new to Zilker and needs our help.