MINKA - LOST CAT (Rabb Rd & Fortune, 78704)

LOST: Spayed Norwegian Forest Female Cat in Zilker 78704

STILL MISSING as of Oct 15, 2019.

On Saturday, September 28th 2019, after 8pm, 10-11 year old Norwegian Forest cat, Minka, ran outside into the backyard.

If she does get out she’s always comes back by morning ready for breakfast. She has been seen on Paramount and Rabb Glenn in the past. Unfortunately, she has not been seen since the night of the 28th though.

Minka is looks similar to a maincoone with wild fluffy hair, but much smaller. She weighs about 8 or 9 pounds.

Minka is spayed, microchipped and all shots are up to date.

She’s very shy and skittish until she knows it’s safe. At which point she’s extremely sweet and affectionate. She will hide from dogs and some other cats.

Please contact Taylor if you have any leads.

Email: lostminka@taylorcc.net

Taylor Carpenter: 512.788.5434