Getting out the vote in Zilker!


My name is Maureen Galaviz, and I am the new Democratic Precinct chair for precinct 340 (East Zilker). I live on Josephine. I am leading the charge on registering voters in East Zilker and encouraging all of our neighbors to turn out and vote this November.

It is quite a big task to reach all of our neighbors between now and November but I know anything is possible with a dedicated group of volunteers. Might you be interested in knocking on doors, making calls or registering voters right here in East Zilker? If so, I’d love your help. Please let me know if you are a deputized voter registrar.

I am hosting a meeting at my home (904 Josephine Street) this coming Monday, July 16th at 6:30 pm to discuss getting out the vote here in our neighborhood. I’d love for you to join. If you are unable to make it, would you be up for a call to discuss ways to get involved?

Thank you for your time and attention!

Maureen Galaviz
Democratic Precinct Chair 340
Travis County
(202) 258-8648

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Maureen -

Thanks so much for taking on this important task! Delighted to hear that you already have an organizing meeting setup. Let us know if we can help get the word out and if you have other GOTV tasks we can help with!



Welcome on board! I am the precinct chair for 332 the west side of Zilker and am glad to that you are getting active in 340! Let coordinate efforts. How about coffee later this week, Say Opa’s on South Lamar Thursday or Friday morning?




Thank you Jeff and Maureen!