Found Injured Parrot/Parakeet at Zilker School

I don’t know if it’s wild or domesticated, I don’t know my birds, but this bird either needs his owner or someone that helps hurt birds. It was limping and didn’t seem to be able to fly. We were afraid a cat would get it, so it’s now cooped up in a Puma box. We now don’t know what to do. Any info about an owner or bird rescuer appreciated.
Thank you,
in Zilker

Might be a Monk Parrot?

Yeah there is a colony of parrots in the neighborhood. Might be one of those. They are pretty cool. Not sure where to take it to get help - maybe the local vet would want to help?


If you have not yet received help with this bird, please contact Robin Holt, info below. She assists in finding aid for all lost & injured animals in our Zilker 'hood.

I’m not part of that group. Will you give her my contact info? Thanks-
Robin Holt

512 299-8073

Good Luck Christine!

Evelise on Arpdale